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Ace Powder Metallurgy is a leading manufacturer of powder metal parts. With four decades experience in producing precision metal parts, Quality and Customer Service have always been Ace P/M’s core business and competitive advantage.
   Ace P/M specializes in automobile, hardware, and tool parts. While being the leader in the P/M industry, Ace P/M has alliances with many manufacturers in different fields to help you source other parts.
   Globalization is becoming inevitable for many businesses, customers demanding more and more now-a-day. Ace P/M understands clients’ difficult position; realize the driver for growth is Research and Developments for newer products. The three key components are crucial to competitive advantage when it comes to new products. Which are lead time, quality and cost. Ace P/M has an Engineering Team that you can trust and rely on to improve quality and reduce cost. After all, you can’t top an Ace!
Powder Metallurgy Process

Powder Metallurgy is a process that compresses metallic powders in the mold which is called Green. Then the Green is sintered at the temperature lower than it’s melting point. Typical process is the following:
Powder formation → Mix of powders → Compaction → Sintering

1.High Yield and Shorter Production Lead Time makes it suitable for high volume products thus lower product cost.
2.May reduce or avoid the machining process.
3.High Precision and High Accuracy ensure Production Stability
4.Porous characteristic makes it suitable for lubricating applications.
5.Capable of producing high melting point metals or compound materials.
6.Near homogeneous material composition and excellent mechanical property ensure consistent performance.

1.Porous characteristic lowers its strength. (Approximately 20%-30% lower than forge process)
2.Limited geometric formation on the side of the product due to the axial compaction.
3.Slightly higher tooling cost makes it impractical for low volume production.

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